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Leticia García Blanco, Gallería de Arte Peguero García

Leticia García Blanco of Gallería de Arte Peguero García on the rise and evolution of a family tradition. A story of family pride, traditions and not giving up.

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Editor's note

With the following stories, we want to explore the themes of tradition, community, politics, love, connection that our partners experience, and through their lens. In this editorial series, we take a closer look at the unique microcosms created by small towns and how the built environment affects the way they think about, cultivate and evolve their skills and trade.

Our post-pandemic reality provides a unique moment to reexamine the levers and opportunities to cultivate our understanding of world-wide cultures, and grow our compassion for other humans, and the planet.

We speak with Ana Maria, a matriarch pottery master seeking to shed light on her trade situation as well as the competitive climate in her small town of Atzompa. Beto Ruiz takes us on a voyage through his inspiration and how he evolved his town's rug-making traditions. Adrian makes the case for the international art exposure as well as the power of a connection to nature.

In this series, we also speak to a selection of thinkers, designers, photographers, and local residents on their perception of the future of these small-town traditional trades. How their validation is growing and how it affects the global markets. We seek to map an ever-evolving cultural landscape in order to build awareness, compassion and build human connection.

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Stories of love, passion, tradition and connection

Connecting with the Spirits of the Land: The Role of Meditation in Zapotec History and Culture

A story of connection with the inner self, and the outer elements, and of a practice that is deeply rooted in Zapotec spirituality and cultural heritage.

Leticia García Blanco, Gallería de Arte Peguero García

Leticia García Blanco of Gallería de Arte Peguero García on the rise and evolution of a family tradition. A story of family pride, traditions and not giving up.

Rufina Ruiz López, Taller Ruiz Lopez

Rufina Ruiz López of Taller Ruiz Lopez on family, responsibilities, and how her rebellious soul came back to generational traditions.

Sandro von Borell & Enrique Escudero, Maak-An

Sandro von Borell & Enrique Escudero of Máak-an on honoring local traditions, continuously discovering new techniques, scouring the globe for materials, all to create new innovative pieces of art.

Eva Lépiz, Documentary Photographer

Eva Lépiz, photographer for Wool+Clay, on her journey to photography, going against the grain, and reconnecting with herself to find what truly brings her joy.

Viviana Alávez, Casa Viviana

Viviana Alávez of Casa Viviana on creating her own path, her passion for a centuries-old tradition and how she reimagined to fit her vision.

Adrián Martínez Alarzón - Taller Bichuga Bigu

Adrián Martínez Alarzón of Taller Bichuga Bigu on the transformation of a long family and town tradition, a new perspective, and standing up for creativity and evolution while staying connected.

Beto Ruiz - Taller Ocho

Beto Ruiz on rethinking processes and inspiration, a new way to interpret traditions and reinventing the art of the town's technique and inspiring the younger generation.

Ana María Hernández - Taller Coatlicue

Ana María Hernández of Taller Coatlicue on the evolution of a tradition, overcoming obstacles and remembering ancient teachings to revive a stagnant industry.

Francisco Martínez, Taller Pitao Copycha

Francisco Martínez of Taller Pitao Copycha on going against a town's traditions, finding his own way and how he found a passion, a family, and recognition our of necessity.

Andrea García, Abuelita Borrego

Andrea García and Sara Mora of Abuelita Borrego on rethinking traditional skills, paying respect to the people, communities and experiences that brought us the artwork we can touch and enjoy today.

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From Teotitlán del Valle, Mexico

"I would love for the people in the community to learn that they can have fun, that work can be more playful, and that maybe they would enjoy weaving more."

Beto Ruiz

"It seems like I dreamed about doing this style of work. That is why, people in the town respects me. Because what I do is unique, not copying. But I already succeeded. I'm happy with my work."

Viviana Alávez

Teotitlán del Valle. Stories of tradition, weaving, candles, family, and community.

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