Wool+Clay & The Canvas Present: The Rise of Purpose Driven Brands

Join us in a panel discussion to discuss The Rise of Purpose Driven Brands.

Wool+Clay & The Canvas come together to discuss social and environmental entrepreneurship with the rise of purpose driven brands. This marks Wool+Clay’s first ever in-person shopping experience.

Our panel will address sustainable development goals, culture, business, consumerism and how they all tie back together, all while sipping and nibbling amongst other inspired souls, in the beautiful space that is The Canvas.


Guest Speakers:

Aki Baker of MINKA

MINKA means ‘home of the people’. MINKA is a community led center for wellness and harmonious living. They strive to create an inclusive environment where all people can heal and thrive. They believe in the magical existence of human beings. Their mission is to catalyze the remembrance and fortification of our inherent healing capacities for individual healing therefore social evolution.


Devin Gilmartin of The Canvas

The Canvas provides rising ethical fashion brands access to global markets, while offering a unique mix of globally sourced and ethically created products to consumers–inspiring them to inform themselves about honest fashion practices both in their retail spaces and online. They believe the only way this industry can change is if we work together. The goal of The Canvas is to create a place where ideas can be sparked and creativity can flourish, no matter how uncommon. They transform vacant spaces into hubs that bring unique brands and curious customers together to build a community.


Farai Simoyi of The Narativ House

The Narativ House is a curated house of ethically sourced artisan brands from around the world known as The Narrators. We embrace sustainability and traditional craftsmanship with an emphasis on human-centered design. Through their collaborations and partnerships their role is to explore The Narativ of artisanal brands and share their narratives with the customer through design. Their philosophy is to re-imagine the way clothing and objects interact with our daily lives. They believe our homes and our clothing should enhance and bring positivity to our lives.



Melissa Patenaude of Wool+Clay

Wool+Clay wants to connect humans to humans to build inner-peace, empathy, and therefore a better society. They travel the world to find hard-to-find artisans who put a modern twist on ancient traditions and tell the stories of each artisan and workshop so the buyers can connect with the makers. They believe in every individual’s power and influence in building a healthy, aligned, and inspired community—which starts with healing and reconnecting with ourselves. They believe that once we reconnect with ourselves, our environment, other humans, and the world as a whole, environmental crises, polarity, equity, and health issues fade.


This panel conversation is part of Wool+Clay’s first in-person pop-up shopping experience. The pop-up will continue until November 23rd. Don’t miss our opening event on November 18th!

Come have a conversation and learn about the positive impact you can have in this life by being a little more aware of your purchasing habits.

Stay curious. Live inspired. See you there!



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November 20th, 2021
3-5 PM

The Canvas
250 Bowery
New York, New York 10012