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Globally Sourced Unique Home Décor Website, Wool+Clay, Launches to Celebrate & Share Handmade Goods by Master Artisans 

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Wool+Clay, the sustainable global homeware platform that connects, elevates, and celebrates craft[human]ship, has announced the launch of their website. 

Increasing opportunities for their connectors and makers around the world, Wool+Clay is aiming to build a global community that will help connect us all through the appreciation of art, culture, and humanity, through the use of their platform. 

Bringing the best creations of independent artisans to a much broader customer, Wool+Clay aims to create a mastermind collective that can help shape the future of inspired home décor and conscious consumerism. The purpose-driven brand offers a range of products to purchase on their website, including Rugs, Sculptures, Décor Accents, Tableware, and Wall Art.

To celebrate the launch, Wool+Clay will be hosting a series of interactive, month-long pop ups events, running from November 18th to December 16th, in New York, San Francisco/Oakland and Los Angeles. Customers will be able to meet the team behind the brand, and shop the unique creations, designed by artisans from around the world.

Following the announcement of Wool+Clay's launch, Founder Melissa Patenaude added:

“I started Wool+Clay to connect humans to humans. I wanted to help create sustained moments of joy in people’s lives that can grow and evolve. I wanted a platform to inspire individuals and communities to look for more of these moments, that when compounded, start a transformation towards a happier life.


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For the fortunate, most people’s homes are their place of nurture, retreat, security, foundation. A place where most people try to reset and replenish. This sanctuary should inspire and bring joy. Through our many travels, we’ve experienced the richness that comes with speaking to local artisans, seeing them at work, getting to know their stories. We’ve also experienced their joy in sharing their art. By adorning our home with their items these conversations stay alive. Every time we look at these pieces, we are filled again with joy and inspiration. It creates an ongoing opportunity for gratitude, appreciation and connection. And the makers also get filled with joy and fulfillment knowing their craft is appreciated.

Creating a business structure that is mutually beneficial for all partners, based on mutual empowerment, strong and respectful relationships, and creativity is really important for our brand. Creativity in art, but also creativity in systems, processes, and exchange – this is always at the heart of our company’s ethos. I wanted to create a platform where customers can purchase story-filled pieces so they can surround themselves with repeatable moments of joy and nurture their souls. This is how Wool+Clay evolved.

Each item that Wool+Clay offers either comes directly from the artisans, or from designers who collaborate with their local artisans and share our values. We share the stories of our discoveries and conversations along the way so readers can travel and learn with us, and so consumers can connect to the humans behind their purchases. Our collections live at the intersection of our home décor curation pillars: bold, chic and inspired. In addition, every piece is deeply connected to nature, culture, and community which is our vision for inspired home décor.

We’re also excited to launch our Wool+Clay pop-up events, as this will give patrons a chance to experience and learn about traditions and skills found around the globe through digital and physical learning experiences. They will get to experience the souls that each object carries with them. We believe that celebrating each other's cultures helps build a more empathetic world, and we’re excited to share our manifesto with everyone who joins us!”

Wool+Clay has an ever-growing number of connectors and connections to hard-to-reach makers around the world. Their initial focus for makers has been throughout Mexico, which will soon grow to South America, Africa, India, Eastern Europe, and Malaysia. The launch of the website comes at an exciting time for Wool+Clay, as they aim to grow their network in a scalable, sustainable way and emphasize the message for conscious consumerism in a time where individuals, and therefore our society, could benefit from more responsible purchasing habits.


Note To Editors:
Full dates, times and locations of the Wool+Clay pop-up events can be found below:

New York City
Location: The Canvas, 250 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
Dates: November 18-23

Los Angeles
Location: deKor Warehouse, 3005 Gilroy St, Los Angeles, CA 90039
Dates: December 9-14


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