Abuelita Borrego started about 4 years ago in “Los Altos de Chiapas”.

I lived there for a  little more than a year, and began to work with communities of artisan women and indigenous peoples, giving product development workshops. It was an exchange of knowledge--I did not charge for these workshops and brought my own materials. They wanted to learn. In exchange, they fed me and paid for my transportation.

This is how the project began. The name derives from the original Tzotzil peoples in Chiapas. The women there are in charge of taking care of the sheep (sheep is "borrego" in Spanish), taking them to the pastures, cutting the wool to make some textile pieces. They have a worldview that says that everyone has an animal presence that joins us at a certain point in life . "Abuelita Borrego" is the name that refers to this worldview of women with this special bond with their sheep.